Zentangle Workshop

Zentangle & Kawaii Techniques – Posca Pens

What is Involved?

Your class will have a one class practical lesson, with Eat Sleep Spray Repeat artists and Zentangle specialists Lix & Lex.

Students will learn the basic techniques utilised within the Zentangle and Kawaii styles, two of the most current and trending drawing styles in the working art world, including the underlying importance of mindfulness surrounding Zentangle.

Our experience educates students on the the importance of art and creativity, demonstrating mindfulness, experiencing a state of flow and using zentangle as a form of meditation, including discussing the difference between art and vandalism.

$12 per student.
Supplies provided by ESSR.

What are included in the supplies?
Posca Paint pens and drawing material.

What exactly is Zentangle?
Zentangle is a self-help art therapy that students can learn from a young age, to assist in solidifying as a permanent coping mechanism for them going forward in life. Zentangle lessons can be taken each year to assist in reiterating the ability to use Zentangle for life. Zentangling for approx 20-40 mins a day can help to increase self-esteem, boost confidence, cultivate moment to moment awareness and enhance focus.

Lix & Lex
Franks Cafe

Lix & Lex
Rejuven8 Cryotherapy
Bentleigh East

Grade 6
Dingley Primary

Grade 6
Dingley Primary

Prep – Grade 5
Moorabbin Primary

Grade 5 & 6
Cheltenham East Primary

Zentangle Incursion FAQ

What paint pens do you use?
We use Posca paint pens, acrylic paint pens packed with high-pigment, light-fast, long lasting ink. The ink is waterproof, fade resistant and non toxic. Posca’s can be used on metal, wood, glass, plastic, plaster, canvas and colouring books.

What is the pricing?
It costs $12 per student, including materials. However we do individually quote each job, dependent on the class length, and if you require extra materials etc.

What materials are included?
We provide each student with a laser-cut panel, and a selection of Posca paint pens of various sizes. We generally recommend the selection of laser-cut panel shapes for your students, as while using the paint pens, students are required to lean on the pen nibs to generate the paint flow, which if not careful can lead to dents and pressure marks on the canvas, which can leave the students disappointed in their work.

What do I need to provide?
To conduct the incursion we require a space large enough for your class, with room for each student and their work on a table.

How long does it take?
We usually do an hour long incursion, any less is a bit too quick for the kids, we’re happy to do longer sessions, however this does come at an additional cost.

What grades can take part?
Our Zentangle workshop is adaptable for all age groups.