Street Art Workshop

Spray Painting – Skateboard Panel – Sugar Spray Paint

What is Involved?

Your class will be provided with a 4 class lesson plan that complies with the Victorian Curriculum for grades 4-6.

During class 4, students will have a hands on lesson with the ESSR team and learn the basics on how to use spray paint cans and stencils to create their own piece of street art.

Our experience educates students on the difference between vandalism and street art, including the safety aspects to consider when using spray paint cans.

Providing students with the opportunity to create their own design, and paint either a skateboard panel or canvas.


$23 per student.
Supplies provided by ESSR.

What are included in the supplies?

Supplies include safety masks, gloves, variety of stencils,

skateboard panels or canvases, and Ironlak sugar spray.

Grade 5 & 6
Middle Park Primary
Middle Park

Grade 6
Wantirna Primary

Grade 5 & 6
Aspendale Primary

Grade 6
Kingston Heath Primary

Grade 6
Moorabbin Primary

Grade 5 & 6
St. Louis Primary

Street Art Incursion FAQ

Is it safe?
Yes. The ESSR team have years of experience with the use of spray paint. The students are briefed on the safety requirements necessary, and the incursion is managed within a safe and controlled environment whilst still giving the children the freedom to let go and get creative.

What spray paint do you use?
We use a Ironlak sugar artists acrylic, which is a sugar based spray paint. A revolutionary health conscious formula, with high performance capabilities. This paint combines water with alcohol made from sugarcane (not petroleum).

What is included in the lesson plan?
The four class lesson plan includes some research for the students to partake in, understanding the difference between street art and vandalism, the creation of their own one layered stencils,  and in conclusion of plan, is the spray painting practical with a member of the ESSR team.

What is the pricing?
It costs $23 per student, including materials. However we do individually quote each job, dependent on the class length, and if you require extra materials etc.

What materials are included?
The 4 class lesson plan and supplies. We provide each student with a dust and fume mask, gloves, and a skateboard panel or 30x40cm canvas. Including the required quantity of spray paint dependant on the size of the class, and a selection of stencils.

What do I need to provide?
To conduct the incursion we require a space large enough for your class, indoors or outdoors. Where a little bit of paint droplets here and there don’t matter, including tables with enough space for each child to work on their panel or canvas. As well as any drop sheets necessary to cover the tables to avoid unwanted paint.

How long does it take?
We usually do an hour long incursion, any less is a bit too quick for the kids, we’re happy to do longer sessions, however this does come at an additional cost.

What grades can take part?
We mostly work with grades 5 and 6. Any younger is a bit harder to maintain order, however we’re happy to do it, it just comes at an additional cost as we need another ESSR team member present. We also work with grades 7-12, although the lesson plan is not included within the older age group package.