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Our Vision

Depression and suicide are such taboo topics in our society. It is a topic that has affected not only our lives in one way or another but also many people we love and care about.

It’s a sad fact that in Australia at least seven people take their own lives every day and on average 1 in 6 will experience depression at some stage of their lives. These statistics are alarming, they can and they need to improve.

We are passionate about making a difference, so Dress For Change was created to make day to day purchases like clothing, have a real impact.

We do this by collaborating with different artists with different styles to bring you a fresh range of unique clothing that will start conversations around mental health and raise money towards the cause.

All profit from our clothing sales assist Livin to continue their incredible work on reducing the stigma around mental health and push their powerful message ‘it ain’t weak to speak’.

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How can you help?

Jump into our shop,  purchase clothing and help us make a difference with #DressForChange and look stylin’ while doing it!

Rhys Purcell | Director