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How it all began

Starting with nothing but a few spray cans, some canvases, a backyard and the drive to see where this could go, Eat Sleep Spray Repeat quickly evolved into a small family of dedicated workaholics with a lot of passion and commitment for our business.

Our journey has not been an easy one, like most start-up companies we experience many ups and downs. However, we have continued to expand our business by creating unique ideas for our clothing, street art, school incursions, wood engraving and tribute canvases.

At Eat Sleep Spray Repeat we are passionate about art and creativity while also conscientious of the impact small differences can make. From this we are proud to have developed our Dress for Change project, to raise mental health awareness and change the associated stigma, as this is something very close to all of our hearts.

So get involved, help spread the word and be sure to check out our online store or drop us an email, we’re always up for a chat.

The ESSR Team