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Offering creative wholesale laser art solutions, helping you move on from the saturated
market of stickers, t-shirts and prints, to offer your clients something new and exciting.

Test it out!


We provide a FREE prototype
for each design or material
you’d like to try.


Send us a vector or high quality black &
white photo/scan of your design,
and choose your preferred material.

Black line work, works best.

Loved your prototype?
Place an order & select BULK
ORDER or have your designs
Optional: Packaging &

Packaging & Branding

Speak to a member of our team to discuss your personalised options.
P&B is available for both ‘Bulk Ordering’ and ‘Made to Order’.


Spray Painted Panels

These panels are hand painted
with a colour of your choice.
The laser engraves off the paint,
leaving the natural wood colour
finish, creating your design.

Gold Mirror Acrylic

Our gold mirror acrylic creates
an illusion of the design being
set in the reflection, as we engrave
your design onto the back of the
acrylic. The colour of your design
is a colour of your choice.

Canadian Maple Skate Decks

Show off your design by
combining it with a natural
wood finish, our decks are
not ride-able, 32×8.25 inch
Canadian Maple.